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Development Loans

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Property Development Loans from £50k

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Development Loans

Get a Property Development Loan Quote
Property Development Loans from £50k

  • Get A Loan Quote Now!
  • Get up to 90% of Costs
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      Property Development Loans

      We look to offer Property development loans for a wide array of projects whether it’s for a new build, conversion or refurbishment whatever your development loan requirement we can help.

      We have a proven track record with many experienced developers and clients so we can ensure that we can offer you the best development loans available in the country. We can provide developer loans anywhere in the country.

      Property Development loans are similar to a bridging loan but with a primary focus on developing either commercial or residential property while a bridging loan is used for “bridging the gap” between property purchases.

      Bridge loans can also be taken out for many other cases but developer loans are strictly for property development. Unlike a bridging loan, it is possible for, instead of a lump sum of money being released to the borrower, for funds to be released at certain milestones of development.

      Past development experience is preferred by the majority of lenders. Despite this, we look at each case individually so no client is ever automatically ruled out due to a limited amount of previous work. What lenders look for is an experienced team to back the developer if their own experience is low.

      We can offer Property Development Loans of £150,000+ with the possibility of a 100% loan-to-value if the security is suitable. The term lengths we can provide vary from 6 months to 2 years depending on what is needed. We can provide you with a developer loan anywhere in England, Scotland and Wales. For more information, consult the FAQ below.

      The Property Development Loans  we offer can cover many different development scenarios, such as:

      New Builds

      A Property Development loan can be taken out to build a new property on land as long as there is a suitable security and planning permission is approved.

      A Commercial property developer loan

      A Developer Loan can be taken out for the construction or renovation of commercial property such as hotels or shops, care homes, factories mixed-use schemes, in fact almost all commercial properties providing you have a tenant lined up.

      Residential property development

      Developer Loans can also be taken out for the construction or renovation of residential properties. Examples of this include building flats or renovating a house.

      Developments at varying stages of completion

      Whether the project has just begun and planning permission hasn’t been received yet or the project is halfway complete and more funds are needed, a development loan can be taken out to work on the project.

      Land without planning permission

      It is also possible to take out property development loans on land that is yet to have received planning permission. As long as a project plan has been laid out, a loan can be obtained.

      Other property development situations

      We provide a developer loan to a large variety of development situations. Contact our team to see if we can accommodate your scheme.

      Thanks to our very experienced brokers and close ties to reputable lenders, we can ensure the best rates available as well as provide expert advice to our clients. We have worked on many projects in the past with well-known developers, providing finance from the biggest banks in the UK.


      How much can be borrowed for a development loan?

      Typically we arrange for amounts in excess of £150,000. The maximum amount that can be borrowed is heavily dependent on the value of the security and the value of the project at completion.

      Can I take out a development loan with a loan-to-value of 100%?

      It is most certainly possible to get development loans where the loan-to-value (LTV) is 100% with an additional security.

      Where do you lend?

      We can provide development loans anywhere in England, Wales or Scotland.

      Is previous development experience required?

      It is preferable for most lenders that the borrowing developer has a track record of successful developments before they take out a loan with them. Despite this, it is still possible to obtain developer finance without much experience depending on the circumstances. Lots of lenders would be happy to work with first-time developers as long as there is an experienced team surrounding them, such as reputable builders. The security on the loan is also very important.

      Can I borrow with poor credit history?

      It is still very much possible to take out a development loan with poor credit history. In the majority of cases, lenders will overlook these issues. Factors that affect the loan more include the project itself and the team working on the project. Lenders mostly look for an experienced team working on the project. This can include builders who have worked on many projects in the past. If there is a suitable security and the development project is worthwhile, most lenders will still lend to developers with worse credit histories. Despite this, lenders will still be vigilant to determine whether situations such as CCJs will affect the loan and may not pay out to people with excessive prior issues.

      Can finance be arranged on land without planning permission?

      A development loan can most certainly be taken out on land that is yet to receive planning permission in most cases. As long as development will be possible, the amount of money that can be lent depends on how much that land is worth. More money can be lent after planning permission has been received too, so it is definitely a viable option for developers that haven’t even got planning permission yet.

      What term length is provided for property development loans?

      Typically, the length of term for a development loan is 1-2 years, giving enough time for the project to finish and be sold. Longer loan terms can come with higher costs and if funding is needed for longer than two years, it may be necessary to utilize a different form of finance for the project.

      Can you offer finance to limited companies?

      As well as lending to individuals, we have the facilities to lend to companies and partnerships for their development projects.

      What property types and projects do you lend on?

      As listed above, we have a large array of scenarios we can provide development loans for. This can include residential, commercial or semi-commercial property as well as new builds, refurbishments, renovations, and conversions. Each case is reviewed individually by our team so contact us and we can discuss the situation and the availability of property development loans for you.

      What kind of fees are payable on a development loan?

      Besides the monthly interest rate, there are other less obvious charges. An arrangement fee of around 2% is typical but there may also be ones such as solicitation fees paid to the solicitors or a fee for the valuer to determine the property/land’s value.

      How fast can I receive a decision in principle (DIP)

      We can typically provide a decision on the loan in as little time as 1 hour.

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