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Bridging Loan Calculator

Calculate Bridging Loan Rates
Bridging Loans from £50k

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Bridging Loan Calculator

Calculate Bridging Loan Rates
Bridging Loans from £50k

  • Enter Your Details
  • Calculate Bridging Rates
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      Bridging Loans Rate Calculator

      Our Bridging loan calculator has been designed to calculate full details of your bridging loan or short-term finance requirements.

      This will enable you to work out what your total payments will be over a given period and loan amount that you require. When using the calculator you should make allowances as follows to get the right calculation.

      Bridging Calculator for Short-term Property Loans – the amount of the loan plus the following costs that will need to be taken into account:

      Bridging Lender’s Fees

      These are usually 1-2% of the total loan amount required, allow for 2% as this is the rate in the majority of loans.

      Interest Rates

      The interest rate for the loan this can vary a lot as the interest rate depends on lots of factors including the loan to value of the property, where the property is located and type and also what credit rating the borrow has. Rates start at 4.8 % per and and can go all the way up to 12% for a borrower with a poor credit rating. The vast majority of the loans we complete on are in the 5-7% region.

      Broker Fees

      Broker fees we do not charge you any broker fees as we are paid by the lender once you have your loan.

      Legal Fees

      You will be expected to pay both your legal fees and those of the lenders. You should factor in at least £500.00 for each as a minimum, this can be more depending on the complexity of the loan. Note you will also have to give an undertaking to cover the lender’s legal fees before work can start on the legal work.

      Valuation Fees

      You will have to pay a Surveyor to carry out a valuation of the property, these are usually based on the value of the property being valued and so go up accordingly but a minimum would be £300.00 and it could go as high as £1200.00 for a property of £1m+

      Note this calculator can only give you a guide to what your final costs will be as there are many other things that can affect the final costs and until you have spoken to a consultant they cannot be fully quantified. We just need a few minutes on the phone to go through your case and we will be in a position to give you a full and detailed quote of exactly what your costs are likely to be.

      Understanding a Bridging Loan

      We are a specialist broker and work with all of the UK’s lenders to get you a loan which perfectly matches your criteria and requirements. Short term bridging finance is a specialist financial product and we are well placed to get you a loan for the amount you require and interest rates that are acceptable to you.

      Bridging loans are an easy way to secure short-term property finance, which is tailored to your exact needs.

      Bridging loans can be taken on either a first charge or second charge, a first charge means that the bridging loan is the only loan outstanding on your property and a second charge loan means that you have another loan on the property that has first call if anything goes wrong and they need to call the loan in. First charge loans are the cheapest form of bridging as the lender has far more security and control over the loan than they would if they only had a second charge loan in place.

      How interest is paid

      Usually the interest on a bridging loan is rolled up and based on a monthly payment, by rolling up they mean that you do not make any monthly payments the interest is deducted from the initial advance you get less money on day one but then for the duration of the loan you do not have to worry about making any further payments.

      Interest can be paid monthly but in order to do this you would have to demonstrate to the lender that you have the income or resources to cover the monthly payments for the duration of the loan, the only real advantage to going down this route is that you will get a larger advance on day one at least 80% of the bridging loans we arrange opt for the interest to be taken out of the loans advance.

      To give an example

      £100,000 loan over 12 months @ 5%pm interest over 12 months the interest amount payable is £6,000. The lender will give you £94,000 on day one and you would pay no further interest until you redeem the loan. If you found you were in a position to pay the loan back after just 6 months then the total amount you would pay back would be £97,000 this is because you have already prepaid interest for 12 months so you are due a credit on that of £3,000 if of course, you were to repay the loan after 12 months you would have to pay £100,000  + £6,000 in interest £106,000.

      If you were to take the other option it would work as follows:

      £100,000 loan over 12 months at 5.% pm would mean that on the day you take out the loan the lender would advance you £100,000 you would then pay interest of £500 per month. If the loan was outstanding for 6 months then you would have to pay back £100,000 to redeem the loan and you will have paid £3,000 in interest total payment £103,000. If however, you were to pay the loan back after 12 months you would pay £100,000 for the loan and will have paid £6,000 in interest payments, total £106,000

      The way to look at this is that in the first scenario you have actually borrowed less really it is £94,000 rather than £100,000

      Bridging loans are regulated by the FCA if you intend to live in the property.

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